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Our VoIP portal service let potential customers call your business for free without using apps - yes, right from their browsers whether on desktop, laptop or mobile.

Calls are secure and encrypted with Let's Encrypt Certificate Authority.

Why Click-to-Talk

Every marketing and sales manager concerns include: How to increase our sales and bookings? How to increase the satisfaction level of our customer and become loyal to us? How to deliver our products and services faster? How to get immediate feedback to improve our service or products, and so on ...

With hundreds of competitors online, just the slightest delay can discourage a potential customer and walk away from your website. Click-to-Talk is quick, light and efficient that allows your clients to inquire about your products or services without dialing phone numbers.

The worlwide coverage opens your business to the global market. For hotels, resorts, couriers and airlines, you are accessible even without toll-free 1-800 numbers.

With your Agents ready to receive calls, your customers will be answered immediately by humans which will give them a very nice first impression! Callers hate when they're directed to a machine.

How it works

With your Agents waiting for callers, any visitors can initiate the call: Step 1-Click the button. In Step 6, the agent and visitor can now talk, chat w/ optional video to each other.

All calls are secure - encrypted with    Certificate Authority

Note: Two prelimary steps must be established for the visitor to make a call:

  1. Click-to-Talk buttons must be added on the website
  2. Each staff, with a unique Agent URL, logs in to Click-to-Talk from a browser

Only Links - no installation

Since Click-to-Talk works with browsers, there's no need to download nor install apps. All you need are just links for your Callers and Agents. (Note: The links below are live. Click the Agent link and invite a friend to click the Caller link for an instant demo - then switch roles.)

For Agents, just "copy and paste" Agent Links on the browser like this: ←Password: a1031z

Incorporating Caller Links to create call buttons on your website will be the job of your web designer.

There are many ways to use Click-to-Talk links:

Agent Requirements

Since offices are already peppered with desktop or laptop PCs, you already have the base system for a staff or agent to receive calls.


  • Personal
  • Perfect for personal online sellers e.g. real-estate broker
  • 1 Caller URL
  • 2 Agent Channels
  • Mail Support
  • Free

  • Business
  • For medium-to-large business e.g. hotel, resorts
  • 1 Caller URL
  • 3+ Agent Channels
  • Email/Chat Support
  • P 500

    per month

    P 200

    per addt'l channel

    P 1000

    per addt'l Caller URL - one time
  • Convergence
  • Click-to-Talk integration to business PABX
  • Requires Static IP Internet connection w/ Service Level Agreement
  • 1~5 Caller URLs
  • 10 Agent URLs minimum
  • Email/Chat Support
    24/7 Remote Administration Support
  • Contact Us for Quote

Try it now!

It has been said "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." Here you can experience how quick and easy to use Click-to-Talk.

Our partner-client Destination Specialists (Cebu) Ltd, a travel and tours agency, has Click-to-Talk portal so that their clients travelling abroad can still contact them for assistance. Their Click-to-Talk is integrated to their office telephone system (popularly known as PABX) - this is an example of Convergence subscription.

Proposal Meetings

Many companies suggested for a proposal meeting. We would like to - however we feel that testing Click-to-Talk here would be more efficient and effective followed by a proposal via email. Click-to-Talk today is like the beginnings of Facebook, Skype or Vonage or any new technology years ago. Today, asking Facebook to submit a proposal is unthinkable because it works right from the browser. Click-to-Talk is a global service. Proposal meetings is not feasible and not possible to anywhere. These will save us time and cost to keep our subscription fees reasonable.


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All calls are secure - encrypted with    Certificate Authority

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